Street/Highway Sign Installation

Installation expertise that properly specs and plans to ensure the job will meet all federal, state, and local specifications.


Colorado Barricade supplies a full range of traffic control signs for permanent and temporary installation to meet our customers’ needs. Our success is due to our sophisticated in-house sign manufacturing and installation expertise to properly plan simple to complex custom signing projects.

With initial contact we will verify the proper size of sign, sheeting material and sign post to meet the job site requirements and MUTCD specifications. With this information, Colorado Barricade will prepare submittal drawings for your approval. Upon approval, our sign shop will manufacture top-quality signage to be installed by our highly trained and experienced installation crews. Our crews are equipped with bucket and boom trucks that meet the requirements of installation of overhead highway traffic signage.

Colorado Barricade strives to keep up with the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and changes in the federal, state, and local specifications and requirements.

Whether your signage needs are for parking lots, street, highway, public or private site developments, Colorado Barricade is the best choice.

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Colorado Barricade has extensive knowledge of the vast municipal sign specifications in Colorado.

Regardless of where the job is, we know the type of sign and post system required for the installation. Be it regulatory, warning, or guide signs, let Colorado Barricade be your first choice for municipal signs projects.


Colorado Barricade has installed signs in residential communities throughout Colorado and the Denver Metro area.

Our expertise and knowledge of local specifications has made us a valued partner with home builders, contractors, and municipalities.


Colorado Barricade has produced and installed signage for restaurants, retail outlets, gas stations, and many other types of commercial properties.

Whether it’s standard regulatory and parking signs or custom directional signage, we have the expertise to complete the job from start to finish. Need window graphics? Let our team design and install any type of vinyl graphics to give your business the professional image it requires.


Colorado Barricade is your source for highway signage and posts.

We can install overhead and ground mount signage on Monotubes, I-Beams, Butterfly Structures, and round break-away posts that meet all the DOT specifications.


Colorado Barricade meets all federal requirements

Colorado Barricade consistently strives to meet all federal requirements that have been set forth by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices that specify the standards by which traffic sings are designed, installed and used.