Colorado Barricade has been providing pavement marking services in Denver and throughout Colorado since 1970. We feature state of the art equipment and highly-skilled personnel with extensive knowledge and experience working with federal & state DOT, local municipalities, and general contractors. All of these play an integral part in the success of Colorado Barricade.

Our personnel are experienced in pavement marking layout and installation of a full line of paint, epoxy and preformed plastics that meet government and municipal standards and specifications. Our projects range in size from small parking lots, road striping, highway striping and airport marking projects. We will work with the General Contractor as a sub-contract bidder or as a prime bidder on projects that we self-perform.

Colorado Barricade offers environmentally safe ultra-high pressure hydro blast line removal of paint, epoxy, and preformed plastic material for large road projects. For smaller projects we offer precision grinding with depth control to reduce scarring of pavement surface.

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Temporary Marking

Road construction projects face certain traffic control issues that require a temporary shift in traffic lane patterns to accommodate construction workers and the general public.

Let Colorado Barricade partner with you to help with this phase of construction. Colorado Barricade offers its vast knowledge and expertise with the temporary striping and pavement marking removal operation.

Colorado Barricade will help with planning and installation of a variety of pavement marking material that will meet the needs of the project; removal of pavement markings will provide the least amount of damage to the existing surface. Upon completion of construction, Colorado Barricade will be there to remove and shift traffic back to the permanent traffic lane pattern.

Colorado Barricade will be there to help the General Contractor provide the public a smooth transition during this sometimes difficult period of construction.

Durable Marking

Since 1970 Colorado Barricade has completed a variety of construction projects ranging in size from small parking lots to major CDOT highway re-striping projects.

Colorado Barricade personnel are trained in the installation of all the latest pavement marking paints, epoxy paints, preformed plastics and preformed thermoplastic materials.

Colorado barricade works with the general contractor in meeting local, CDOT, Federal and State standards and specifications.


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TrafficScapes™ is a portfolio of preformed thermoplastic pavement marking materials engineered for durability, safety, and aesthetics for the streetscape and traffic calming market. Each product offers its own unique application and performance approach to streetscape projects where shared roadway safety and aesthetic appeal need to work in conjunction.

TrafficScapes Installers Colorado


  • Improve traffic safety especially at intersections and multi-use paths
  • Enhance visibility for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists
  • Provide design elements that complement a Complete Streets community
  • Channel pedestrians across busy commercial parking area
  • Promote and/or revitalize community image
  • Attract new business development in livable communities
  • Create low-cost median or island effect without the use of raised curbs


  • Engineered as heavy-duty marking material with enhanced durability
  • High skid/slip resistant for safety. As material wears, new anti-skid elements are exposed
  • ADA compliant – Pedestrian and wheelchair friendly surface
  • Eliminates the maintenance and safety concerns of loose pavers
  • Aesthetic value
  • Skid resistance texture
  • All preformed thermoplastic materials are made at Ennis-Flints manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001-2008 certified for design, development and manufacturing of preformed thermoplastic. Quality, value and long-term performance are built into the marking. Anti-skid elements area added at time of manufacturing for optimized application at the job-site.