In support of National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, on April 15th Colorado Barricade kicked off fundraising for the Work Zone Safety and Support Fund (WZSSF). WZSSF was established by the Associate Council of the Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) to better support the industry and the individuals and families affected by work zone deaths or injuries.

A pilot guest group was invited to Colorado Barricade’s Sign Shop to paly poker, or try their hand at corn hole to support a wonderful cause. The evening was filled with craft beers, a delicious BBQ and a great group of philanthropists. The evening was designed to gauge interest in ongoing fundraisers supporting WZSSF. Everyone had a ton of fun and raised $1,765 for the WZSSF. If you would like additional information about the fund or to make a direct donation, contact Jodi Fellet at 303-902-5043 or

Every year, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) embarks on hundreds of construction projects across the state and that does not even include the numerous maintenance activities that are conducted every day to keep our highways safe. With every construction zone comes equipment, workers and even daily changes in the road and alignment you may be traveling. As a result, it is critical that you do your part to make the cone zones safe. Lower speed limits, flaggers and police enforcement are all used to help keep work zones safe, but motorists still need to drive responsible to keep not only our workers safe, but yourself as well.