Ted Ott
Ted OttCEO & President
P: 303-727-5635
M: 303-809-8299
Rusty Reynolds
Rusty ReynoldsVice President of Operations
P: 303-727-5615
M: 303-250-6585

Traffic Control

Paul Moberly
Paul MoberlyGeneral Superintendent - Traffic Control
P: 303-727-8466
M: 720-474-9086
Connie Tinnes
Connie TinnesContracts Projects Manager
P: 303-727-5603
M: 303-727-5603
Tim Van Pelt
Tim Van PeltSpecial Events Supervisor
P: 303-727-5614
M: 303-727-5614
Anthony Uhl
Anthony UhlScheduling
P: 303-727-5621



Alex Martinez
Alex MartinezTraffic Control Plans Foreman
P: 303-727-5643
M: 720-469-5128
Jim Sellers
Jim SellersTraffic Plans Designer
P: 303-727-5630
M: 303-944-5271



Phil Donovan
Phil DonovanTraffic Control Estimator
P: 303-727-5604
M: 303-727-5604
Glenn McColm
Glenn McColmTraffic Control Estimator
P: 303-727-5631
M: 720-234-3226
Rodney Sowal
Rodney SowalPavement Marking Estimator
P: 303-727-5608
M: 720-252-9145
Eric Hunter
Eric HunterSign Installation Estimator
P: 303-727-5612

Sales and Sign Manufacturing

Rich Neal
Rich NealSales & Sign Shop Manager
P: 303-727-5641
M: 303-419-8565
Mat Nyenhuis
Mat NyenhuisSign Shop Supervisor
P: 303-727-5638
Erin Spicer
Erin SpicerAccount Executive
P: 303-922-7815
M: 303-434-6174
Mara Kloss
Mara KlossInside Sales Coordinator
P: 303-727-5638


Fleet Maintenance

Harry Buchanan
Harry BuchananFleet Manager
P: 303-727-5646
M: 720-469-5183
Ken Marks
Ken MarksFleet Mechanic 1
P: 303-922-7815

Business Operations

Amber Lee
Amber LeeHuman Resources & Safety Manager
P: 303-727-5622
M: 303-727-5622
LaRae Gillette
LaRae GilletteController
P: 303-727-5656
Holly Schroeder
Holly SchroederDirector of Financial Reporting
P: 303-727-5618
M: 303-522-3096
Chrissy Reynolds
Chrissy ReynoldsBilling Coordinator
P: 303-727-5620


Heather Jackson
Heather JacksonContract Administrator
P: 303-727-5632
Patricia Badillo
Patricia BadilloPurchasing & Inventory Coordinator
P: 303-727-5624
Michelle Gonzales
Michelle GonzalesAccounts Payable Coordinator
P: 303-727-5627
Donna Frickey
Donna FrickeyAccounts Receivable Coordinator
P: 303-727-5642