Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Transportation Summit is the largest gathering of the transportation sector in the state of Colorado. For five years, the CDOT has gathered the business community, local governments, and transportation-related interests together under one roof to underscore the importance of a healthy and dynamic transportation system for Colorado.

This year’s Summit, Transportation Matters, focused awareness on the challenges and innovations facing our State’s ability to effectively move people, goods and services, with the goal to expand the realm of advocates for this vital cause. The event was well attended with professionals from Iron Woman, Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, APEX Design, Kiewit, Colorado Barricade, Flatiron Construction, Union Pacific, AECOM, SEMA, Parsons, Stantec and Atkins to mention a few.

The Summit showcased the CDOT’s RoadX partnership with here, iCone, Colorado Barricade, Panasonic and here’s commitment to real time information on work zones throughout the State.