In support on National Work Zone Safety and Awareness Week, on April 13th Colorado Barricade hosted the Third Annual Poker and Cornhole Fundraiser benefiting the Work Zone Safety and Support Fund (WZSSF). WZSSF was established by the Associate Council of the Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) to better support the industry and the individuals and families affected by work zone deaths or catastrophic injuries. Every year more than 600 people are killed in roadway work zones. Roadway work zones use a variety of warning systems, barriers, and other traffic controls to make sure that drivers and work zones stay separated, but it just takes a moment of distraction for an accident to happen and for lives to change forever.

Colorado Barricade’s Poker and Corn Hole Fundraiser gathered a great group of 100ish industry philanthropists in Colorado Barricade’s Pavement Marking Warehouse. Some guests played the games and some just came to mingle and support the WZSSF. This year’s event raised $2,400. If you would like additional information about the fund or to make a direct donation, contact Jordan Trainor at 303-290-6611 or